Database company wins millions in lawsuit against founder

Published 08-30-2018

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OMAHA, Neb. (AP) - A federal jury in Omaha has awarded Infogroup Inc. nearly $54 million in a lawsuit that accused its ousted founder of stealing confidential information.

A federal judge on Wednesday entered judgments of $43.6 million against Omaha-based DatabaseUSA and $10 million against Vinod Gupta. He founded DatabaseUSA after he was ousted as CEO of Infogroup amid concerns about his lavish lifestyle.

Papillion-based Infogroup had complained that DatabaseUSA was trying to steal its customer database by hiring more than 20 Infogroup employees. It also said DatabaseUSA advertised its services in a misleading manner that concealed the fact that Gupta's new company wasn't related to Infogroup.

Gupta and DatabaseUSA have denied the allegations, saying DatabaseUSA's business was different because it didn't try to compile its own information like Infogroup. Gupta and his attorneys didn't immediately return calls Thursday from The Associated Press.

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