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Whether you are here for business or pleasure, finding the right hotel for your needs will make your trip an unforgettable experience. Do you love to relax in your hotel room on holiday or just want to relax after a day of business meetings?

Perhaps the most opulent option is the downtown Hilton Omaha, which has over 600 rooms to choose from. This hotel is touted as a great place to be christened as it has the largest number of rooms in the Omaha area and one of the best views in Omaha.

There are also museums, shops and restaurants to keep you entertained and keep you from the cold. Guests enjoy access to the Coco Key Water Park, but although the water park does not offer a lodge, the relaxing resort is within a five-minute drive. Attractions include the Omaha Performing Arts Center and the Great American Ballroom, as well as a variety of restaurants.

Alternatively, you can take a trip to Cherry Hill, a small town in the heart of Omaha, Nebraska, less than 20 minutes from downtown. Omaha is within walking distance of the hotel and KAYAK is recommended for a walk - to the next stop.

The location is ideal for tourists and business people, but Omaha is also a great place, especially for those who are in town for business or just for a weekend getaway. The Days Inn is one of the most popular hotels in Omaha, Nebraska, and a popular destination for both immigrants and expats.

Here you have access to Wi-Fi, hot showers and a great view of the Omaha skyline from your bed. You will also enjoy great views of downtown Omaha from the hotel's rooftop terrace, as well as the city's historic buildings.

Larabars is dinner before you get the chance to go to a game or dinner, so go as fast as possible before returning to your hotel room at 11 pm.

If you're looking for something on the Nebraska side of the river, try Baymont Inn & Suites, but don't forget to book your room early to get the hotel of your choice. Hotels are filling up fast at this time of year, so if you're hoping to avoid the hassle of parking fees while traveling to Omaha, stay at one of the other hotels in Omaha, such as the Grand Hyatt or Hilton Omaha.

The Holiday Inn also has the Union Sports Bar & Grill and Perkin's Restaurant. Across the street from the Best Western is the Nebraska Beef Company and less than a block away is the Barley Restaurantbebe Bar and Grill.

Stay connected: If there are active school closures, here are the most up-to-date lists of closures delays to date. District courts in the following counties are not currently included: Lincoln County, Omaha, Fremont, Kearney, Sioux City and Omaha City.

The Walker Hotel (pictured above) is located at 2504 Charles Street and is one of the oldest hotels in the city of Omaha, Nebraska, north of downtown. It was originally built as a Jewish retirement home and has been home to a variety of shops, restaurants, hotels and other businesses for over 20 years.

In the segregated city of Omaha, the only option for blacks was to own a hotel of their own, where black travelers and others stayed. The Walker Hotel (pictured above) and many other hotels in Omaha were segregated during the Civil War, and blacks were forbidden from staying on the floors.

Between 1936 and 1966, an African was listed in the Negro Motorist's Green Book in Omaha, and from 1936 to 1966, there was a Green Book issued by the State Department's Office of Civil Rights (OCR).

Today, there are historical markings, monuments and other emphases that focus on Omaha's black history - hotels owned by Omaha - as well as a number of historical monuments for African Americans.

The grand story that was written about Omaha doesn't often mention the early hotels that discriminated against African Americans. The Patton Hotel is one of the most famous and famous hotels in Omaha owned by Black. It is located on the corner of North 19th and Nicholas Streets in the Near North Side. The Black Hotel was proposed for the original Near - North neighborhood on North and 20th Streets between the 18th, 1820 and 1821. There was a newspaper in North Omaha that was black owned, the Monitor, and it was the first black newspaper of its kind in Omaha.

In addition to Broadview and Patton, there are two other black friendly hotels listed in the Green Book, the St. Louis Hotel and the New York Hotel.

The Hampton Inn and Suites Omaha Downtown offers a variety of amenities including an indoor pool, fitness center and outdoor pool. Each room also features a private pool with pool table and hot tub, as well as a spa and gym. The Comfort Suite West Omaha offers two suites with an indoor pool, perfect for relaxing after a day of work.

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